Study program


Meeting and final consultation at the office

Making a contract



  • testing
  • Studying
  • final testing

Professional studying

  • test on professional skills (if necessary)
  • studying to get safety certificates
  • assistance in registration, consultation for studying
  • Online learning
  • passing an exam

Main Themes

The course consists of 6 big topical study blocks. To come from one block to anther is possible only in case of its full understanding and knowing.


The temp of studying depends fully on you. You choose yourself when and how long to study: each day for half an hour, in a day for an hour or two times a week. If necessary make breaks in studying or do another way- study faster!


After finishing a topic pass the control questions. If you answer 80% - the topic is known by you. You succeed in it. But if you didn't, revise the topic again and do your best! You can do it many times until you succeed. The number of attempts is not limited.

If you have any questions or difficulties ask your tutor or teacher for help.

Personal account

You will get a personal account where you can:

  • — check the progress of studying;
  • — see the finished topics and your scores;
  • — control the time you spend on studying and plan your schedule;
  • — communicate with other students on forum.