Job with the sea view

get a marine job in one month!

To get a marine job now, it is not necessary to study for a long period of time in a marine college or have any influential friends
Online studying is a real saving of your energy, time and money. All of our graduates leave for three months after successful completion of their studies.
To get a marine education is easy and convenient now , wherever you live - in a multi-million city , a small region town or in a village.

Online training from the company Cruise Control

Great opportunities!

Youth is that right time to make money and make your dreams come true. You deserve decent living and decent salaries. And you will definitely get this opportunity to buy a flat and a personal car, make presents to close friends and people round you, financially support your parents and save money to be sure in tomorrow's day.

Job on vessels is a new level of income. It's a great opportunity to visit different countries, get interesting experience and communication, have language practice and professional growth.

It's time to earn more!

Salaries at sea have great difference with salaries on shore. They are sufficiently higher!

Comparative salary on shore is specified according to the labor market situation on June 20, 2017
on shore 4 200 UAH.
at sea from $800
+ tips
on shore 4 000 UAH.
at sea from $920
+ tips
on shore 5 000 UAH.
at sea from $800
+ tips

Benefits of online studying

Study when and where it's comfortable for you
Choose yourself learning speeds and schedule. It's easy to combine study and work in your lunch time or while getting to work in transport, or waiting in a queue.
Study materials are always in touch
Electronic books, video lessons, audio lectures, exercises and tests are available for you at any time. Even after finishing the study you can revise the passed course and refresh necessary information in your mind.
Experienced teachers / lecturers
Studying process is organized by certificated teachers. They check home tasks, answer your questions, explain mistakes. You will get a personal mentor who will be responsible for your studying process, look after your progress,support and inspire you.
Individual approach
We select the optimal program for you depending on its terms and difficulty, regarding your knowledge, experience and level of English.

How it works

Free consultation
Give you documents
Get new job
We will answer in details all your questions on phone or during your personal visit - as you wish. We will help you in choosing a profession , describing in details your responsibilities and professional duties , orient you with salaries.
Select a program of training in the specialty and foreign languages. Our experts provide training on the requirements of the shipowner. At the end, each student easily passes an interview with a representative of the cruise company.
To start the studying process it is necessary to make a contract and pay for the course. The first study week is in Odessa at the studying center where you can obtain skills connected with safety on board the vessel, it will be possible with the help of modern trainers , imitating a real vessel.
Online learning
Further studying is online. You will get the access to innovative portal of online marine job studying . This course contains visual materials for studying in the format of video and illustrations, which make much easier the process of fast info remembering.
Make periodically online exams/testings to check and control your progress. Then after finishing the educational period you will pass exams under supervision of the teacher/tutor to be sure in your knowledge in real time regime.
Prepare necessary documents for getting a job on passenger vessels in accordance with international marine convention and shipowner's requirements.
Prepare our graduates for job interviews, assist in writing CV (resume) and filling application forms. Provide full juridical maintenance and consultation until signing a contract and arriving on board the vessel.

Choose your educational program

The duration of study depends on your English level and the speed of adopting the received information for your job position.


1 month (studying on your speciality
+10 English lessons for free)

studying on your speciality

Study in your rhythm and at a convenient time!

Frequently asked questions

Is the studying possible only distantly?

Before starting the training, you need to come to Odessa for one week to take courses on life safety on board. Further training will take place online. The final exam is conducted internally in order to assess your level of knowledge as accurately as possible.

Will I have additional expenses despite the course payment?

All expenses for registration and opening of a visa, passage of a medical commission, transfer to the ship's side are reimbursed with the first salary on the ship.

What medical commission shall I pass and where?

Medcommission depends on port registration of the vessel ( American club, Portugal , Malta and others). There is a list of medical establishments where you can pass the medcommission. All this clinics are approved by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine and have necessary certification.